Track Your Fleet
From Your Office Seat
Freedom Lawns,  N.C.
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Vehicle Tracking Corporation is passionate about the success of its clients and
its product!  With a V.T.S. tracking system, you will know where your motorized assets
are at all times! Locate your drivers with the click of a button from your computer
anywhere/anytime. The benefits of our system are endless. Your customer service levels
will improve and best of all in these tough economic times, you will save greatly on rising
fuel costs!  Not to mention, you'll have peace of mind!
Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Software.. With the click of a button you become
a silent passenger. See your assets moving right before your eyes!  Our Teluware software
allows you to track your fleet through the use of a
GPS modem. This credit-card size unit
is installed right under the vehicle's dash. It is a totally non-invasive installation. The unit is
programmed and information is transmitted from the unit to the Teluware server. The server
uses data to create web-based maps and
reports that may be viewed using a web browser
such as Internet Explorer to access your account
Corporate Headquarters
Hampstead, NC
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Basic Features:
  • Track unlimited number of vehicles
  • Works with your current Internet
  • Requires no additional in-house
    hardware or software
  • Easy to use - minimal training
  • Provides sophisticated management
  • Affordable all around
Advanced Management Functions:
  • Summary and detail (street level) reports of
    vehicle activity
  • Links to "real time" traffic cameras (in areas
    where available)
  • Limit views by vehicle groups (i.e., NC fleet,
    SC fleet or specified locations
  • Location definition (airport, home base, etc.)
  • Speed, location, activity data reporting and
  • Vehicle maintenance package
Basic Requirements: Each vehicle will require an inboard GPS/modem unit. These units
are of new design that require no external antennas. Everything is built into the unit and is
installed by our trained technicians. These units are available through Vehicle Tracking Systems
Corp. The cost is minimal compared to companies who may have a similar product. Transfer of
data to any computer utilizes outside cellular carriers. To access this data 24/7, Vehicle Tracking
Systems provides up-to-the-minute information for a low fixed rate per vehicle per month.
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